Technology is changing, so should the way we measure air purification. Indoor air quality historically has been measured by the clean air delivery rate, a measurement created by the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures.

CADR measures particles of 3 different sizes ranging from .09–11 microns (smoke, dust, and pollen). Both filter efficiency and air flow through the filters will affect the ultimate rating. The final number — measured in cubic feet per minute- represents the amount of clean air coming back out of the air purifier when operating at its highest speed.

The problem with this standard of measurement is that it does not take into account air purifiers that use active technologies, such as Greentech.

Our team has spent months evaluating the current equation and trying to create a new measurement system that factors both active and passive technologies.

Most media refuse to acknowledge the need to create a new standard, as the leading voices in the industry (who, it’s important to know are not actually indoor air quality companies) refuse to reevaluate this standard of measurement as well.

Until recently, the EPA hasn’t recognized active and passive technologies in air purification as a proven approach. Only in the past few months did they even begin acknowledging these technologies, quietly testing using a combination of active and passive technologies to begin the process of creating standards as this industry continues to explode rapidly. This comes after years of smaller IAQ businesses pleading for guidance and acceptance. That said, perhaps now that the EPA is finally acknowledging that there are other technologies capable of effectively cleaning the air, CADR will finally be reevaluated as a standard of measurement.

Brandon Taylor – CEO, Greentech

Following a Nationwide search, Greentech Environmental announced Brandon Taylor as its new CEO. Taylor joined Greentech Environmental in 2019 as CFO/COO. Prior to joining Greentech, Taylor held several management roles in multinational energy organizations. Taylor’s leadership helped make 2020 Greentech Environmental’s most successful year in the company’s history so far.

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